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Foraging Fibre and Basketmaking with Ralph Simpson

We had the honour to welcome botanist and master weaver Ralph Simpson who visited from New Brunswick last week to co-lead with me the Foraging Fibre and Basketmaking workshop at the Innisfree Farm. Ralph and I met through a remote artist residency I have been leading since last year through the Conservation Council of New […]

A Summary of our Summer Series at the Innisfree Farm

We had an incredible season this summer at the Innisfree Farm and Botanic Garden with the Art, Ecology and Community workshop series that invited participants to learn about different local plants to explore their creative possibilities, the different connections to the territory (or territories) that we call home, while supporting native ecological restoration. The location […]

From Harm to Harmony: The Healing Power of Nature

This exhibition presents artwork culminating from a collaboration initiated through a remote-artist residency led by community-engaged environmental artist Juliana Bedoya in British Columbia and a diverse group of community participants from different geographic regions in New Brunswick. The project emerged from a partnership between the Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB) and the International Centre of Art for Social […]

Territorios Entretejidos

Con muchísima emoción les presentamos Territorios Entretejidos, una serie de encuentros, diálogos y talleres de intercambio de conocimientos y oficios en un formato virtual que parten de establecer una perspectiva relacional con las plantas. El primer evento de nuestra serie es un conversatorio virtual, el próximo Sábado Diciembre 19, a las 5PM (Hora Colombia)Este diálogo […]