Juliana Bedoya, photo by Joslyn Kilborn and dress by Moss Grey
Fibre Kin is a design studio and community fibre hub on Vancouver Island where artist Juliana Bedoya creates wearable and sculptural pieces using reciprocally harvested wild fibres, grown from seed, and other plant materials that still breathe the landscapes they come from. 
Fibre Kin is born from a deep love of fibres that celebrate the kinship of plants and people: plants as kin and land-based fibre people as an extension of that kinship. Reclaiming traditional skills and hand-processing techniques from a soil-to-soil approach that considers each part of the cycle from cultivation, to final piece, to ultimately composting, Fibre Kin uses fibres like flax, nettle, birch bark, cattail, hemp and other plants considered “invasive”, to create wearable art pieces that serve as grounding connectors, reminders of our human presence in the land, and advocates for the natural world. 

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